Episode 1 Synopsis Summary for Love Keeps Going

When small, Cha Mei Le cannot win her elder brother Yu Zhen in everything, so every time when parents are fighting and clamoring for a divorce, they want her brother and despise Mei Le. But this has inspired Mei Le to decide to be hardworking. In order not to let her abandoned again, she study hard, please the neighbors and relatives. After grew up, she from time to time encourages herself to be useful people, so she took a variety of certification test, and even her boyfriend Han Yi Feng started to be together with Mei Le after attracted to Mei Le’s versatile skills. At one time, Yi Feng tells Mei Le that he has a dream to open a bakery shop since young, so Mei Le decides to quit existing job to run “Le Feng Bakery”, just to fulfill Yi Feng’s wish.

One day, Mei Le suddenly received call from Yi Feng, wants Mei Le to help him to go airport to fetch younger brother Han Yi Lie, and he warns Mei Le that Yi Lie has an eccentric personality, not easy to get along well, but Mei Le thinks that she can handle it. She even go to Yi Lie’s house to redecorate even going to airport. After Mei Le meets Yi Lie, she is passionate and finds topics to chat with Yi Lie, but attracted Yi Lie’s acrimony instead, and refused to take the car of Mei Le and would rather take a cab. But Mei Le wants to adhere to what been ordered by Yi Feng, insists on sending Yi Lie home, and Yi Lie says the fact that Mei Lie seems accustomed to try to please everybody around her.

After reaching home, Mei Le doesn’t expect another big trouble is waiting for her. Because her brother Yu Cheng has stole more than 2 millions dollars of her and Yu Zheng’s saing away, and Cha’s mother is siding with Yu Zheng too. The shocking event throws the successful opening of “Le Feng Bakery” into question. In order to let “Le Feng Bakery” opens smoothly, Yi Feng suggests to find Yi Lie to help. Despite Yi Feng and Mei Le begs Yi Lie patiently, Yi Lie still doesn’t want to help, but Mei Le doesn’t want to give up! Eventually Yi Lie asks Mei Le to participate in a bread making contest, only if Mei Le wins then he is willing to agree to Mei Le’s request.

Mei Le stays up late to make bread, and suddenly realizes that it’s better to put attention to the nature of things rather than with the bells and whistles. She eats the white toast she just made, comes up with the reason why the toast is not delicious. Early morning, Mei Le wants to find old well water, and calls Yi Feng, Yi Feng tells Mei Le that besides the house of Yi Lie has a old well, and Mei Li goes there excitedly.

Mei Le bends to take the old well water, but accidentally falls into the well. Yi Feng who cannot find Mei Le calls to Yi Lie. Yi Lie finally finds Mei Le who fell to the well, and saves her. Mei Le who was just been saved from the old well still does not give up, and wants to take the bucket to take well water, almost fell to the well again. Mei Le insists on take away the well water, but the two buckets of well water are too heavy for her and she falls to the ground. Yi Lie has to pick up the bucket, but at this time Mei Le’s legs felt weak, so Yi Lie has to carry Mei Le on the back, with hands carrying the water buckets, struggling to leave.

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