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Love Keeps Going Episode 10 Synopsis Summary (with Preview Video)

Episode 10 Synopsis Summary for Love Keeps Going

Yi Lie and Mei Le falls into intense love period, the relationship is gluey, but at this time came the news of Mr. Han is seriously ill. Yi Lie is out of wit when he heard the news, after Mei Le knew, she encourages him to go meet his father. While Yi Lie does not understand but he agrees with Mei Le to go to hospital to see his father.

After seeing his father, he angrily tells all the resentment that over the years he lost love and family because of his father. Han Fu hopes that Yi Lie can take this opportunity to express his inner pain and lay down the resentment, but Yi Lie still can not forgive his father and left in rage. Finally, Yi Lie knows that his father has been quietly care about him all these years, he finally put down the hostility, and choose to forgive.

Yi Lie informs the family that father has been critically ill, but Mrs. Han still insist on keeping everyone from going to hospital. Mei Le wants Yi Lie to go back to hospital first, and she will help convince and take care of thing. When Yi Lie rushing to the hospital, he keeps thinking about father and meets with a serious car accident! Yi Lie injury is so serious that even doctor pronounced emergency treatment ineffective. But Mei Le insists on personally helps Yi Lei to recover. Under the calling sound and CPR of Mei Le, Yi Lei miraculously recovered.

At the same time, He Yan Shao appears to request Mei Le to pose as his sister, because the mother has became insane been too sad after his sister passed away, keep asking when the younger sister little Qin will come back. In order to let mother at ease, Yan Shao can only request Mei Le to help. In order to let Mei Le learns more about his sister Yan Qin, Yan Shao plays the video of her birthday party before her death, but Mei Le was surprised after seeng the film, that the two is quite similar to unbelievable level.

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