Episode 11 Synopsis Summary for Love Keeps Going

Just when Yan Shao has trouble cannot find a person to impersonate Yan Qin, Mei Le who had spat with him appears, which makes Yan Shao overjoyed. But in addition to similar appearance, in order to Mei Le to play Yan Qin, she must also do some other training. After a serious of training that frustrated the strong Mei Le, Mei Le complains to Yan Shao about the training. When passing through a club, Mei Le sees a heavily makeup female who she suspects is Xuan Xuan, so she runs up to express her concern, but Xuan Xuan does not appreciate Mei Le’s concern, and walks away.

On the other hand, whole Cha family of three goes to Yi Fei home to propose marriage, both sides does not agree on many things and has spat. Even though everyone is offering advice at the side, but still cannot resolve the conflict between the two parties. Eventually the parties concerned, Yu Cheng and Yi Fei come forward, move both mothers, and also make the marriage possible.

In the studio, Yi Lie plays a new creation composition that converges Hakka nursery rhyme for assistant to listen, but after everybody listen they left wondering what happen. So they privately find a Shao Ying to understand the situation. Yi Lie has actually made a song with lousy melody, and it makes Shao Ying very worried. After examination found out that it’s due to a side effect of traumatic stress on brain. In future not only Yi Lie cannot compose, but will also have problem on self care. Yi Lie afraid he cannot give happiness to Mei Le, so he reluctantly decides to let go. In the meantime, Mei Le happens to have a trip to Hangzhou happy to pose as Yan Qin to appease a her mother. After arrived in Hangzhou, Mei Le calls Yi Lie to report safe arrival, but unexpectedly the person who picks up the phone is Shao Yin.

Love Keeps Going Episode 11 Preview Trailer