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Love Keeps Going Episode 12 Synopsis Summary (Preview Trailer)

Episode 12 Synopsis Summary for Love Keeps Going

Xiao Zhi calls Yi Feng to help take care of Xuan Xuan at home. Yi Feng was shocked about condition of Xuan Xuan. After asking where is she exactly worked, he is told she had killed a person. Yi Feng lies to police to help Xuan Xuan. He suddenly thinks that he is cheating for her may be because he still care of her.

After accident, Yi Lie looks fine, but he starts to be very forgetful. After he is diagnosed with the disease, he knows the his chance of recovery is very low. So he heart-brokenly decides to break up with Mei Le in order not to burden her. Mei Le keeps calling him, but most of the time cannot reach him. Meanwhile, in order for her to be better impersonate Yan Qin, Yan Shao brings her to walk around Hangzhou area which his mother usually go.

Yi Lie and Shao Ying go to Hangzhou. While Yi Lie remembered the previous coffee pastime with Mei Le, Shao Ying asks him to forget Mei Le, instead Yi Lie says he will alone. They proceed with their plan to cheat Mei Le so that she will feed sad and leave willingly, where Shao Ying calls a reporter to give him an exclusive headline about Yi Lie, that Yi Lie was seen in a hotel with a new found girlfriend.

While walking with Yan Qin’s mother, Mei Le meets a male “ex-classmate”. Later, Yan Shao says that Yan Qin attended all girls’ school, and can’t have a male classmate. Mei Le sees a guy similar to Yi Lie in Hangzhou, and calls him. Yi Lie hangs up her phone impolitely, saying he is busy. Yu Cheng informs Mei Le about the Yi Lie’s gossip. Mei Le still does not know about Yi Lie’s plan, and does not know she is already exposed in front of He’s mother, though He’s mother does not point it out, and continue to monitor Mei Le who acts as Yan Qin.

Mei Le received call from brother who tells about gossip of Yi Lie and Shao Ying. To find out the truth, Mei Le goes to find Yi Lie after Yan Shao finds out where Yi Lie is staying, who tells her: “There’s something that it’s better not to see clear, or it’ll be painful.” Mei Le was stunned when Shao Yin opens the door, who stays with with Yi Lie. Mei Le slaps Yi Lie for his casual explanation, but he explains that it’s an accident, insists on breaking up and asks for forgiveness. Mei Le deeply hurts and feels stupid again, so do Yi Lie and Shao Ying.

Mei Le drinks to lighten herself, at this time, Yan Shao proposes to him. While dreaming, Mei Le dreams of a wedding ceremony with Yi Feng, Yi Lie and Yan Shao as bridegroom. Yan Shao finds Yi Lie before Yi Lie is going back to Taiwan, to confirm that Yi Lie won’t go back to Mei Le, and declare he will go after Mei Le. Yan Shao’s mother finally reveals that she knew the Yan Qin is fake. Mei Le mistakenly though Yan Shao’s attempt to marry him is to let him stay with his mother forever.

Yu Cheng and Yi Fei who worry that their parents may stop their wedding again decides to find Yi Feng to help. Yi Feng finally manages to find Yi Lie. When seeing he is with Shao Ying, Yi Feng is angry and hit Yi Lie. Shao Ying who is desperate to stop them fighting eventually tells the truth that Yi Lie has a sickness.

Love Keeps Going Episode 12 Preview Trailer

Brief preview of Love Keeps Going episode 12 with sneak peak of upcoming drama Love Recipe (料理情人夢).






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