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Love Keeps Going Episode 13 (Final) Synopsis Summary

Episode 13 Synopsis Summary for Love Keeps Going (Spoiler Alert)

Shao Ying insists on telling Yi Feng what’s happened. Yi Feng eventually knows what’s wrong with Yi Lie, and why Yi Lie wants to break up with Mei Le in order not to let her suffers. Yi Lie asks Yi Feng to keep it as secret. Yan Shao’s mother asks Mei Le to stay, but she decides to leave. Yan Shao know knows that Yi Lie’s action is a joke but don’t know the real reason, decides to take advantage, and to go back with Mei Le as her boyfriend to console Mei Le’s mother. In order to not let everybody worry, Mei Le agrees after confirming with him that it’s just an acting.

Yi Feng informs mother that Yi Lie needed to have a surgery by German doctor, which has high risk, and if failed, may turn into vegetative state.

Yan Shao sends Mei Le back home. Mei Le tells Yi Fei thats her new boyfriend is Yan Shao. When Yi Lie knows, he is sadden. He attempts to record a video to tell Mei Le the truth, but can’t do it.

At this time, Mei Le finds out that she is pregnant with Yi Lie’s kid. She decides that she will give birth to the baby no matter Yi Lie loves her or not.

The fake relationship cannot cheat Mei Le’s mother, who tells Mei Le that she knows her relationship with Yan Shao is fake. She asks Mei Le why she does such an act, to let everyone feel at ease? To let everybody believe she can live better? But changing love partner overnight is not her character. She tells Mei Le that if she really understand a person, she will know why a person does such an act. It reminds Mei Le that Yi Lie is actually acting to her.

At this time, the symptom of Yi Lie sickness is getting worse, he starts to recognize thing wrongly, and also gradually cannot recognize complete person, so he decides to have surgery overseas. Mei Le rushes to find Yi Lie, but he has just gone overseas for treatment. They just miss each other. Without choice, Mei Le calls Shao Ying to ask her about the truth about the rumor. Yi Lie who is beside still continue to cheat Mei Le that he is with Shao Ying in order to let Mei Lie die heart, causing Mei Le to be extremely sad. Mei Le who doesn’t give up goes to Han’s house, although Mrs. Han tries her best to lie for Yi Lie, but Mei Le manages to see the flaw. Mrs. Han desperately reveals that Yi Lie going to have surgery, after Mei Le tells them about the pregnancy.

Yi Lie does not get to do the surgery as the condition is more serious than initially thought. He backs to the country, and finally meets Mei Le again. He has courage and hope of future again after knowing about the baby.

In the long corridor of the hospital, nurses pushes the Yi Lie’s bed towards them, who surrounds the bed. Mei Le holds his hand and says: “Yi Lie, baby and I… We will wait for you.” Yi Lie nods and smiles. “I will get well, I want to see with my own eyes our baby, I want to.. to see your smiling face.” Mei Le drops the tears and kisses Yi Lie’s eyes. Yi Lie is pushed inside the operating theater, and door closes, separating him from family.

Six years later, Mei Le is helping a kid to wear cloth, who is said to be like her father, Yi Lie with his sense of music that can be future singer of composer. The whole family, Mei Le, Yu Zheng, Yi Fei, Xuan Xuan, Yi Feng, and their mothers dress in either black or white, prepares to go to Yi Lie’s concert. Before forgetting, Yu Cheng grabs the “J-King Black and White Music Dynastic Concert” (J-KING黑白音乐王朝演奏会) tickets and smiles. Everybody shouts Yi Lie Jia You (Yi Lie go go go) before leaving.

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12 responses to “Love Keeps Going Episode 13 (Final) Synopsis Summary”

  1. G4mm4r4ys Avatar


  2. WiKuBi Avatar

    Is he dead?

  3. WiKuBi Avatar

    Oh, sorry, after I watch it again, he’s not dead..
    A happy ending story..
    I like this drama..

  4. Brittnee Bui Avatar

    thanks for translating what the ticket said, I was wondering this whole time becuae i thought it might have been a J-KING memorial concert or something

  5. wufen Avatar

    were they got married?

    1. amy Avatar

      Yes they got married!

  6. Guest11247 Avatar

    THANK GOD! When I watched to episode 11, I was like “Nah, he’s not gonna die…” Then, I saw a comment “He’s probably gonna “__” like another show’s main character did…” I was like “No ******** WAY! You can’t DO that TO ME!!! !##%^!@#!@” So I just HAD to google the ending. THANK GOD!

  7. bemjerry13 Avatar

    i also thought that he was dead….good that somebody translated what was in the ticket….whew….love this series..

  8. Stephanie Newin Avatar

    LOL I KNEW IT ! HE CAN’T DIE LOL !!!! Taiwanese dramas hardly kill of the main charactor! but i was so worried had to check !

    1. Nani Avatar

      Actually, this is already the third Mike He drama that has an open ending in which we do not know whether he survived or not. I don’t know why this actor is always acting in tragedy dramas. The worst part is that the dramas are usually funny and cute and then suddenly there is a disease, an accident, suicide, whatever.
      At least in this one the open ending is leaning towards a happy ending, but I’m not even a bit satisfied with it. In the other two dramas I mentioned it was kind of obvious that he died.

      Anyway, aside from Mike He’s and 2 of Ariel Lin’s dramas, taiwanese dramas usually have amazing endings with weddings and everyone happy. So this ending is something rare.

      Poor Cyndi Wang that is used to doing happy dramas, but in this one couldn’t scape Mike He’s tragedy. haha

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