Episode 2 Synopsis Summary for Love Keeps Going

Yi Lie finally manages to send Mei Le and well water to the bakery, and Mei Le starts to seriously take the well water which came so hard to make toast. The serious work attitude of Mei Le made Yi Lie has strong admiration of her. Mei Le brings the toast that just been baked to Yi Lie for him to eat, Yi Lie who seldom praises others says it’s delicious, and that makes Mei Le very excited.

Mei Le comes to the competition venue, He Yan Shao thinks that she looks exactly like his younger sister Yan Qin. Due to high fever, Mei Le is in ataxia, cannot even stand properly. With the encouragement from Han’s family members, Mei Le braves the sickness to finish the competition, even though she doesn’t win any prize eventually, but the toast made by Mei Le gets special award, so everybody is happy for Mei Le. Outside of venue, Yan Shao finds Mei Le, proposes an excellent terms, hopes that she can joi his team, but Mei Le rejects Yan Shao, says that she only wants to run a happy bakery with boyfriend. In this way, “Le Feng Bakery” is ready to open, Yi Feng and Mei Le is starting to recruit staff.

Yi Lie starts to develop the habit of eating the toast made by Mei Le, seems like he has to through the Mei Le’s toast to have creative inspiration, and even calls Mei Le in the middle of the night to ask Mei Le makes toast for him to eat.

Yi Feng finds Yi Lie to pick the ring to give to Mei Le, Yi Lie unexpectedly reminds Yi Feng, if he only likes Mei Le’s skills, and not her person.

Xuan Xuan and Xiao Zhi have an argument with aunt, Yi Feng coincidentally passes by and stops the conflict, and bring Xuan Xuan and Xiao Zhi to eat. Xiao Zhi eats like hungrily, which looks like that he has long time never eat so wonderfully. After questioned by Yi Feng, Xuan Xuan reveals that because parents had died in accident, so she can only stay in aunt’s house, living a life that depends on others. Mei Le sees an wedding gown which she likes, and calls Yi Feng, Xuan Xuang gives an gesture that wants Yi Feng does not mention her, but, due to this concealment, it also opens a series of unimaginable effect in future.