Episode 3 Synopsis Summary for Love Keeps Going

“Le Feng Bakery” which was just opened immediately faces a severe test, because a Mr. Ho franchise bakery is opened nearby, which not only has buy one free one promotion, but also 50% discount, causing the business of “Le Feng Bakery” to be severely impacted. Upon learning of “Le Feng Bakery” has miserable business because of “Mr. Ho Franchise Bakery”, Yi Lie calls his celebrity friends in order to help Mei Le saves “Le Feng Bakery”. The usual move surprised his broker Shao Ying. Meanwhile, celebrities appear in “Le Feng Bakery”, attracting media interviews, coupled with the blessing of Yi Lie’s autographed photos, “Le Feng Bakery”‘s business finally emerged from the haze, and has obvious improvement.

Today, Mei Le finally manages to book a seat for pickled cabbage white meat pan which pregnant Yi Fei wishes to eat, so she invites whole family of Yi Feng to go eat together, but due to prior invitation from Xuan Xuan, Yi Feng cheats that he can’t go because his studnet has some issue. Aunt Wang reminds Mei Le to pay attention to Yi Feng’s action, but Mei Le chooses to believe in Yi Feng. Yi Feng brings a cake to Xuan Xuan’s house to celebrate her birthday, and promises Xuan Xuan to give tuition to Xiao Zhi. Nobody has been so caring to Xuan Xuan and Xiao Zhi before, so the siblings are full of gratitude.

Yi Lie whose mood is not good, drunk and has a row on the street, Mei Le has to carry him exhaustingly. Drunken Yi Lie tells Mei Le the story of his mother carried him to visit doctor when he was kid, causing Mei Li to feel sorry. After sending Yi Lie home, Mei Le looks at the guitar not willing to discard in the drunken Yi Lie’s house, and the look of him fell asleep, she has different feeling to Yi Lie. At this time, Mei Le accidentally touches Yu Lie’s lips. Mei Le can’t help but feels aroused, and keeps telling herself it’s just an accident.

Love Keeps Going Episode 3 Preview Trailer