Episode 4 Synopsis Summary for Love Keeps Going

Invited by Mei Le, Yi Lie also presented at “Le Feng Bakery” celebration party. Under the crowd pressure, Yi Feng has no choice but to take out the ring to officially propose to Mei Le to marry. Mei Le who has no knowledge of abnormality of Yi Feng and Xuan Xuan is self-immersed in the happiness of upcoming marriage. Although Mei Le feels strange for recent emotional outburst of Yi Feng, but she doesn’t care and wholeheartedly plan her dream wedding.

Just proposed to Mei Le, Yi Feng also doesn’t understand why he rushes to Xuan Xuan’s home impatiently. Xuan Xuen takes the opportunity to confess to Yi Feng. After hearing Xuan Xuan’s soulful confession, Yi Feng gradually moves, and finally cannot resists the lure, fall into the Xuan Xuan’s gentle touch.

The happy Mei Le requests Yi Lie to compose a song for her wedding and personally play the song. Yi Lie who originally refuses felt moved to pick up the broken guitar to play, Shao Ying looks at them unbelievable, she thinks that Yi Lie won’t touch that guitar anymore, but now he would play it for Mei Le. She pronounces that “You love Mei Le!” Yi Lie can only speak in exaggerated tone to cover up the secret in his heart from been spied, his cruel sentences hurt Shao Ying. Yi Lie reluctant to admit the secret in his heart, but strange images and thoughts are constantly poured into his brain, making him agitated endlessly.

Relationship between Yi Feng and Xuan Xuan formally turned from boss and staff to underground love. When Yi Feng helps Xuan Xuan to move house, Yi Lie saw the two intimate act. Yi Lie is shocked and upset, forcefully asks him to fire Xuan Xuan, wants Xuan Xuan to lave the bakery forever. But Yi Feng still undecided between Mei Le and Xuan Xuan, so he takes thing one step at a time.

Mei Le is wearing a beautiful bride wedding gown in a bridal boutique, her face full of happiness glory, just that doesn’t see Yi Feng’s shadow for a long time. At this time, person who appears in Yi Lie. In order to let Yi Feng concentrate to settle Xuan Xuan’s case, Yi Lie comes to help him tries out the suit. After changing the cloth, Yi Lie walks out, the handsomeness caused Mei Le conscientiously startled, deeply attracted. Both person stands in front of the mirror, the impressions a bit unnatural.

On the other hand, Yi Feng who initially wants Xuan Xuan to leave, looks at the pity appearance of Xuan Xuan who compromised, and agrees to Xuan Xuan to settle Mei Le thing instead. The next day, Xuan Xuan really submits resignation on the ground of returning to school to study. Mei Le initially wants to retain her but eventually gives her blessing and affirmation. Yi Lie has been waiting outside the shop. Xuan Xuan sees that Yi Lie has a disgusting impression, coldly look at her from the back. After war of words, Xuan Xuan suddenly figures out something, exposing a sneaky smile and looking at Yi Lie. For Xuan Xuan seems to look through his mind, Yi Lie’s mind The strong has long been waiting outside the shop, Xuanxuan see with disgust in strong, cold look at himself in the behind, while two men after the war of words, Xuan Xuan suddenly figured out something, exposing the cold smile look to the strong, for Xuanxuan seems to see through his mind, his thought was even more distraught.

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