Episode 5 Synopsis Summary for Love Keeps Going

Mei Le holds Yu Cheng’s hand, walks in from the outside of the hall following the beat of music, rehearsing the situation of the wedding day. Yi Feng who is thinking of Xuan Xuan is an absent-minded, and restless.

Xuan Xuan carries luggage, walks out crying with tears pouring. Xuan Xuan has knew that Yi Feng is indecisive, so she decides to plan her own move. Unexpectedly Mei Le appears without warning in front of Xuan Xuan house. Mei Le is to invite Xuan Xuan to her wedding, and luckily Xuan Xuan covers up perfectly, Mei Le does not notice any abnormal, but Xuan Xuan’s mind already thinking of what is the next step.

As the “Le Feng Backery” machine has problem, Mei Le rushes to the shop, at the same time received a strange call with caller ID as Yi Feng, but the phone transmit the female sobbing sound. Mei Le listens carefully, and it’s indeed the voice of Yi Feng, but he is comforting another girl, Mei Le is shocked. Actually it’s Xuan Xuan who cleverly lets Mei Le knows of her relationship with Yi Feng through the mobile phone. Mei Le who hears the shocking conversation is shocked, tears blurs the vision, totally forgets about the foot that controls the throttle, and a non-concentration, and hand spins, the car hit the safety island. Mei Le was sent to the hospital. Yi Lie who knew about Mei Le met with accident is anxious, he asks Shao Ying to use all connections to find out which hospital Mei Le is in. Shao Ying who never see Yi Lie in such a panic is painful in heart. She finds out Mei Le whereabouts, but do not want to tell Yi Lie, but call directly to Yi Feng. Mei Le who has frequent nightmare wakes up, Yi Lie is already beside the bed, Mei Le surprise that Yi Lie is the first one to go visit her. He changes his overbearing temper, Yi Lie at that moment, is a bit nervous and reliable.

Seeing that the wedding date has arrived, Yi Feng is still with his escaping style, appease everyone that Mei Le will still come back, and Xuan Xuan is scheming to let Mei Le quit.Until the day of wedding, Yi Feng can no longer conceal the fact, decides to tell the truth, but he still does not say the full story, as he cannot really dare to say the thing he done that is sorry to Mei Le. As a result, Han family members has misunderstanding to Mei Le who gone missing. At the time everybody is discussing how the wedding should go on, Yi Lie goes on stage to announce that the wedding is canceled, and let all guests leave. Mr. Cha is angry until lost consciousness.

Mei Le goes to God Valley to cry and healing, and goes to a home-stay at the mountain of Miaoli to cry. Unexpectedly Yi Lie uses every means to find her. At the time Mei Le wants to chase away Yi Lie, she fainted because of not eating and not drinking. Yi Lie orders high-grade ingredients for Mei Le to eat, Yi Lie asks after breaking up with Yi Feng, Mei Le will still make bread or not, Mei Le firmly says no, and strongly emphasis that she is not live to help Yi Lie finds inspiration, but Yi Lie asks Mei Le, “who do you live for?”

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