Love Keeps Going

Love Keeps Going Episode 6 Synopsis Summary (with Episode Trailer)

Episode 6 Synopsis Summary for Love Keeps Going

The bakery shop without Mei Le is in chaotic order, Xuan Xuan takes advantage to win favor with Mrs. Han. Mei Le comes to the bakery shop, only realize Yi Lie didn’t tell the truth after seeing reaction of the crowd. Yi Feng begs Mei Le to stay, unexpectedly Xuan Xuan jumps out and shouts to everybody, says that Yi Feng and her is really in love, hope everybody can fulfill them. The underground relationship of Yi Feng and Xuan Xuan officially revealed.

Although Yi Lie is fighting for Mei Le against injustice, but still criticize the Mei Le who is unprincipled, and like to please others. Mei Le cannot rebuts the words of Yi Lie, Yi Lie struggling to look at her, and can only quietly by her side. Eventually the two reach an agreement. Once Yi Lie sings a song at the western restaurant, Mei Le will personally make white toast for him.

After sending Mei Le back to home, seeing the lips of Mei Le is tearing and whitish, Yi Lie gives her a lip frost bought previously. Yi Lie carefully applies for Mei Le, the ultra-close distance let Yi Lie lost control and leaned over to kiss Mei Le’s lips. Mei Le pushes him away, Yi Lie has to cover up his send of self-injury with frivolous altitude. Two persons who are confused in emotion, Yi Lie regrets his impulse, and Mei Le is agitated until cannot sleep.

The next day, Mei Le goes to make toast according to the agreement, there unavoidable has embarrassment when both meets, but soon both returns previous habits of bickering, playing while making the toast. Later Mei Le wants to ring Yi Feng gave her, so they have appointment. She finally figure out the reason why she is been dumped. Capable has always been her strength, and is now been used as a reason to break up. After Mei Le left, Xuan Xuan catches up to ferociously humiliate her. Remembering previously she encourages Xuan Xuan to pursue love, Mei Le is furious. Yi Lie takes advantage and with almost evil temptation voice convinces Mei Le to revenge, and the best way to revenge is to let herself lives a better life! Yi Lie recruits a famous designer to remake Mei Le. Mei Le who is been transformed by designer is just like a reborn, looks complete different.

Aunt Wang cannot stand the domineering of Xuan Xuan in the shop, and cannot stand have to obey the order of Xuan Xuan, the accumulated discontent finally erupted. When both sides quarreling, the brand new Mei Le comes to the bakery, holding the trademark previously registered, not only successfully get back her two third share of the bakery, but also keep Aunt Wang’s job. Yi Lie also appears as Mei Le’s protective lover, which is unbelievable to Yi Feng and Xuan Xuan.

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