Episode 7 Synopsis Summary for Love Keeps Going

The news of Yi Lie and Mei Le in love relationship quickly spread to Mrs. Han ears. Han family members family do not believe Yi Lie will fall in love with Mei Le, but thought he was just been nonsense, and Mrs. Han coincidentally sees the intimate scene of Yi Lie and Mei Le, causing misunderstanding. Mrs. Han shouts out of control with a strong hatred to Yi Lie, Mei Le is completely shocked, but also has some understanding of the untied knot between Han Mu and Yi Lie.

The hot toast is on the table. This is the first time Mei Le takes initiative to make toast for Yi Lie. She understands that Yi Lie’s heart is not comfortable, so she just quietly accompany by the side, but Yi Lie is saying everything casually while eating the toast. Mei Le feels bad about Yi Lie who so lightly opens up his bleeding wound. The warm and reassuring smile of Mei Le let Yi Lie feels pain that been forgotten for long time, suddenly he has an impulse, hugs Mei Le and kisses her. Mei Le who afraid to hurt Yi Lie again does not push him away immediately, but the mental vibration of her is no longer controllable.

Inside “Le Feng Bakery”, Mei Le and Yi Feng is having headache for continuing conflict between staffs. The isolated Xuan Xuan wants Yi Feng to get recipe to make toast from Mei Le, so that she can learn how to make the same toast, and bring the bakery out of control of Mei Le. Meanwhile Yi Feng is feeling upset about Xuan Xuan who always treats Mei Le as enemy, non-stop demand, non-stop compare. Xuan Xuan feels the pressure, so she has to secretly resort to a vicious trick, so that Mei Le cannot come to the bakery.

Inside the recording studio, Shao Ying tells Yi Lie about the paparazzi photographed and newspapers going to report the news that he and Mei Le is in relationship, but Yi Lie does not care. Outside of the bakery shop, many interview reporters and SNG vehicles have packed in front of the door. Facing with sharp and harsh questions of the reporters, Mei Le is overwhelmed. Then, Yi Lie comes out to take all responsibility on himself, that it’s entirely his own unilateral feeling, and Mei Le is even more shocked that Yi Lie is disparaging himself to protect her. Mei Le is moved by what Yi Lie did for her, this is the first time Mei Le feel the warmth of been cared by people, the feeling towards Yi Lie in the heart is spreading, and the relationship between two is further.

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