Episode 8 Synopsis Summary for Love Keeps Going

All along, Mei Le is very clear about the preferences of people around her, but she doesn’t really understand what herself love, and she not even thinks about it. Mei Le looks at determined eyesight of Yi Lie, bows to think, and decides to change a way of thinking to live. She decides to abandon the retaliatory action, announces to the world that she wants to be her own! That night, Yi Lie uses a muted voice and manly charm to tell Mei Le that he wants to help Mei Le to continue the unfinished self-seeking program, let Mei Le confused, slowly losing sense. At that time, Yi Feng called, Yi Lie sees the Mei Le smiling, the heard ignite a wave of inexplicable anger. Mei Le looks at Yi Lie care about her, her heart already figure out something, she starts to love Yi Lie.

On the other end, Xuan Xuan took the Yi Feng’s mobile phone, unhappily questioning Yi Feng. Yi Feng is very dissatisfied with Xuan Xuan who investigates his privacy by checking his phone records, the two persons finally quarrel. Xuan Xuan tearfully tells him her internal fear, and reveals all her grievances. Yi Feng finally knows that Xuan Xuan worry about the outcome, and also understands the reasons for her to find incidents. Yi Feng can feel Xuan Xuan anxiety, pitifully hugs her, and propose to her.

Mei Le who starting to be her own self, feels relax and happiness after the liberation. She would like to take this time to find out her interest and hobby. Yi Lie helps her to arrange a number of courses, hoping that Mei Le can find out what she really likes to do, no matter it’s computer graphics, fashion design, coffee cooking, or the classic piano, but all those is not what Mei Le wants, Yi Lie tells her to become his personal assistant and manager, and Mei Le gets the news of Shao Ying resignation.

Xuan Xuan and Yi Feng is busy preparing for their wedding, Yi Feng brings Xuan Xuan back hoem, but Mrs Han and Yi Fei does not let her felt welcoming, Mrs. Han even threatened to cut off mother-child relationship, but that let Yi Feng to even more want to protect Xuan Xuan. Yi Feng relationship with family was heating up because of Xuan Xuan. That night, Shao Ying suddenly came to find Yi Feng, deliberately play cell phone audio content for Yi Fen to listen, after listening, Yi Feng was shocked.

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