Episode 9 Synopsis Summary for Love Keeps Going

Mei Le who just became assistant of Yi Lie rushes to prepare a bunch of things, but during the meeting she does not understand much, feeling extremely useless. When Mei Le feels herself is no different with rubbish, Yi Lie gently comforts her that she do not need to be useful, as long as she is willing to stay with him.

Xuan Xuan admits that she is the one who made the call that caused Mei Le to meet with car accident, but stresses that she did that because she loves Yi Feng, and she cannot do without Yi Feng. Frustrated Yi Feng ignores Xuan Xuan’s repeated pleading, insisting on cancellation of marriage with Xuan Xuan. Yi Feng explains everything to the crowd, and announces that want to give back bakery shop to Mei Le, the people was stunned. Xuan Xuan still want to explain, but Yi Feng distorts the true love of Xuan Xuan towards unbearable direction. Xuan Xuan hurts deeply, but Yi Feng is relentlessly not even saying any comforting words.

Yu Cheng and Yi Fei together counting the money earned selling overnight bread. The opinion towards each other has change from before. To Yi Fei, she is pleased with Yu Zheng down to earth thinking, ambiguous atmosphere quickly enveloped the two. Just when they sell overnight bread been inquired by police, Yi Fei is about to give birth. And yet they meet with big traffic jam and is stuck in traffic, Yu Cheng seeks for help in the car traffic, and that let Yi Fei heart feels at ease, she knew that Yu Cheng will not abandon her. When Mei Le and gang arrives in hospital, Yu Cheng unexpectedly proposes to Yi Fei to marry, Mrs. Han of course refuses to agree, as Yu Cheng’s image in her mind is unable to take care of both mother and daughter for lifetime! But through this time, Yu Cheng demonstrates his determination and courage that never been shown before, busy from morning till night, and does not complain, causing Mei Le who originally waiting to see also help to persuade Han Mu.

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