This is a ‘well made’ drama that has proper use of every space as if water filling up the gap between the sand.

The metaphor of “Love Rain” is visible everywhere. The cupboard of Seo In Ha (Jung Geun Suk) which constantly been opened is a proof. The cupboard, that is storing with portrait of Yoon Hee (Yoona) which condensed his true heart, is frequently opened, carrying the meaning of his true heart that couldn’t be concealed even if he wanted to.

At the same time, the yellow umbrella in the rain that allowed them to get close initially in the 1970s, is also a product of metaphor. This metaphor survives into modern world, becoming the medium for middle-aged In Ha (Jung Jin Young) and Yoon Hee (Lee Mi Sook) to reunite. In addition, in the preview, Ha Na who is wearing the yellow windbreaker beside Joon also indicating the beginning of love.

Love Rain Poster

The hidden metaphors and way of interpretation that as fine as cobweb, are enough to prove that Love Rain is a drama that cannot be evaluation simply by viewership ratings. Even for the quiet narrative part in the beginning of Love Rain which is said to be unable to attract audience, it still goes beyond eras, critically acclaimed for satisfying the sensibility of modern beings.

“Love Rain” which cannot be accounted for simply with viewership ratings, its delicate and will sure “Love Rain”, a brief description of the ratings in the near future, its delicate and nuanced performance will surely touch and audience in future, the ability to occupy the seat of ‘well made’ should not be overlooked.