Synopsis Summary for Episode 15 of Love Rain

Joon comes clean to In Ha about his relationship with Ha Na. But In Ha couldn’t let go easily Yoon Hee whom he reunited again after separated for many years. Even if he has sense of guilt towards Joon and Ha Na, In Ha still hastily prepares the wedding ceremony.

Joon is anxious to have back Ha Na once again, but is suffering as Ha Na couldn’t accept his heart.

Then, Joon who decides to treat Ha Na as a family member accidentally saw Ha Na who is together with Tae Sung.

On the other hand, with the increasingly nearer to the wedding ceremony, the distress of In Ha is getting heavier.

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  • SK

    So sad, why In Ha is do selfish, only think of himself. Hope that Yoon Hee will find out the relationship between Jun & Hana and called off the wedding,
    Really feel so upset to se Jun suffer, so sad

    • But i feel sorry for In Ha too, he has been in love with Yoon Hee, and never had a chance of life with her. Everyone should just marry, who cares about what is right and what is wrong. 

      • Oedh520

        I agree. They should all just get maried. Anyway, there is no blood relation between them. If In ha and Yoon hee get married, Joon and Ha na become siblings by law. What about if Joon and Ha na get married first? what does that make In ha and Yoon hee?  

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  • I dont know who to pity…Both the couples are soo happy together!!!

  • Anneprimali

    joon and ha na should marry first and then their parents can get married…=)

  • Dewi Yoong

    I want Hana with Tae Sung :D I think sunbe is really cool

    • dineyyoong


  • The parents got their share, now it’s time for the kids.  They both made a stupid choice back then, Yoon Hee should have told In Ha that she was sick and In Ha shouldn’t have taken the fault for his friend, if he really loved Yoon Hee that much. The only problem with Love Rain is the parents. I get so annoyed everything I watch them. Old In Ha looks like a freaking gangster and Yoon Hee looks like she has a bunch of plastic surgery. It’s really not cute at all and they take up 1/2 of the time. I really only watch 30 min of love rain every ep.

  • Gorgeousearthlings

    Joon and Hana’s love affair should prevail, parents relation failed because of their stupid attitudes when they were young… can’t the story focus more on Joon and Hana, I get irritated with the parents. They should give way to the younger ones, they could just stay as friends anyway production wise they are not capable anymore or too old to have children again if still they can.

  • Fawzia

    Please give the parents a closure to their long awaited unfinished love. The flame they both carried for each other for 30 years should be allowed to run its course. The young lovebirds have time on their side. Hana realised she had to pay the price for her ultimate wish for her sick mother. Joon should be made aware of her sacrifices and stay aside to let the father spend the little time with the woman he loves. Is that too much to ask from him?
    Anyway Joon’s mother would not want Hana as her daughter in law, since she despised the mother so much. Again the obstacles is staring at joon- Hana relationship.
    Korean drama tend to show a strong willed, venom like woman/ mother determined to wreck their loved ones happiness. Is this the norm in real life or just for drama sake? A few dramas seen had similar profile and can be quite scary for a foreigner like me.

  • vinovi

    I think both parents are very selfish if they still want to be with, they should more thoughtful and actually should support Joon and Hana. 
    If they still want to be together, then they will create a new spouse who suffer as they once were, and will create a new ‘not happy family’ likes In Ha’s family now. Those things should be a consideration for In Ha and Yoon Hee.
    To be sure I really do not sympathize with In Ha and Yoon Hee if they continue to get married.

  • since the parents suffered from not being with each other, they should know already the pain it caused.. are they going to let their children suffer too?.. if they’re not been together in the past isn’t it only shows that their children is really destined for each other?.. if they have been couple then this two person will not exist but because they live a different life then this two appeared and was destined to be together… ohh’ such a heavy pain for the two children.. they want their parents to be and they wanted to be happy too by being together…tsk!tsk!tsk! what mess of fate!