Synopsis Summary for Episode 17 of Love Rain

Joon and Ha Na leaves home to a place where they’re left alone temporarily, Joon tells Ha Na that he wants her to choose him even though it will not be easy. Ha Na also grabs the hand of Joon.

Ha Na who returned to home tells Yoon Hee frankly that she has been together with someone she loves.

Meanwhile, Yoon Hee pays a visit to In Ha to return the proposal ring.

Love Rain Episode 17 Preview Video


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  • where is the video preview please thanks

    •  KBS has not released it yet. We will get it to see it as soon as it is put on the Official KBS site.
      I think it’s because they had to push back the filming schedule, and so some parts in the preview were not filmed in time. Just like last time, we will see the preview in the weekend.

      Please be patient.

  • at least In ha have  decided to give way to his son. that’s a good attitude as a parent . Prioritize son’s needs first esp if its his happiness. am glad. Looking for Hana & Joon’s happy ending. 

  • I hope they extended another 4 more episodes.  That will be great.  Want to see more of Hana and Joon romance….lol

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  • Dddynamite39

    I want more episodes for Love rain it is soo DAMN GOOD!!!

  • me ha gustado mucho la serie, espero que todo termine bien entre ha na y joon

  • Zee

    Joon and Ha Na yet to face the craziness of Joon’s mother.  I bet that can be very hard for both of them.

  • Edz Paquibo

    Is there episode 17? As if this story is not yet finished.

  • Rose

    More episode pls.. Like it so much…hana and joon fighting….

  • Love Rain is the BEST DRAMA EVER!!!
    It is unique and different from other korean dramas…..The Beautiful drama is full of sorrow and laughter at the same time!!! It is soo addictive that i watched the latest episodes without English Subs!!
    I m sure Yoona and Jan Gan Seuk will win Thousands of Awards for their Phenomenal performance!!!
    Hey guys let’s make the producers Extend our Favourite drama LOVE

    Let’s beg until they make 24 episodes or EVEN MORE!!!

    WHo’s with me??

    • vinovi

      I agree with you…

      I want it’ll be 24 ep.. Fighting!!

    • Meliza

      Yo tmb quiero mas capítulos..quiero hasta 24 o 30 episodios…me gusta mucho este drama….y sobre todo me gusta la actuación de la cantante y actriz Yoona junto al actor Jang geun suk….ademas que se ven tan bonitos juntos como una pareja verdaderamente real.

  • This drama was very nonsense