Synopsis Summary for Episode 19 of Love Rain

After In Ha learned of the unwell condition of Yoon Hee, he rushes to the hospital. He who is determines to stay by the side of Yoon Hee, began to look for something that he can do for her.

Ha Na is very sad and in fear of accepting the reality after knowing the fact on state of Yoon Hee’s illness. For the sake of Ha Na, Joon is by her side to console her, becoming the source of strength that supports her.

On the other hand, Joon decides to move out from the house of Hye Jung.

Love Rain Episode 19 Preview Video


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  • Marillian

    thanks U..I love this drrama…this is the best drama…and yoona and Sukki are the best couple….so talented and beauty couple.

  • Hitchscharm

    I cant wait for ep 19 and whats the end of the twist! :-(

  • Love Rain is the BEST DRAMA EVER!!!
    It is unique and different from other korean dramas…..The Beautiful drama is full of sorrow and laughter at the same time!!! It is soo addictive that i watched the latest episodes without English Subs!!
    I m sure Yoona and Jan Gan Seuk will win Thousands of Awards for their Phenomenal performance!!!

    • Fahmida Sultana

       Absolutely true!! I even do that too!! ^_^

  • eloisa

    I like this drama so much..make me fell happy and sad,nice story,

  • Elthea1021

    this drama is really addicting and i was anticipating every next episodes of it and since there were only 2 remaining episodes, somehow sad .. :(( hmmm .. i wish the ending of this drama will be satisfying just to aid the previous sad episodes :3

  • Wika_ade

    episode 19-20 where???

    • April

      Episode 19 & 20 will be shown on May 29 & 30 respectively in Korea.

  • Low055

    I love the this drama very much, especially  JKS and Yoona the most attractive couple their acting is so good..

  • Shahrathz

    Oh please Seo Joon, dont ever leave Ha Na!!! I read somewhere that he’ll be moving to New York?????!!!! Aaaaaaarrgh!  Noooooooooo!!!
    His love is so beautiful, it’ll be a shame for it to die!!

  • Josh

    Even the Love Rains songs are addicting…