Love Recipe Casts Barbeque at Filming Venue

The Taiwanese Love Recipe starred by Kenji Wu, Li Jia Ying, and Rhydian Vaughan continued the filming even on Mid Autumn Festival holiday (September 12th, 2011).

The production crews prepared a barbecue car in the filming venue, so that the casts who are not getting holiday can celebrate the holiday while filming. Li Jia Ying said she sued to be a Girl Scout, so lighting a fire and grilling the meat is not hard for you. Kenji Wu said that production team is very generous, and it’s his first team to barbecue inside the set with air-conditioning, a rare experience.

Meanwhile, the actors and actresses have been playing while shooting, where the loser will have to train abdominal muscle. And that it’s hilarious when the actresses Li Jia Ying and Gui Gui train the abdominal muscle, as their muscle tremble. Kenji Wu uses Li Jia Ying and Gui Gui as casualty, promising that if Love Recipe manages to capture position number one for viewership ranking, he will use the muscle to thank the fans, and will publish the video of the girls train their abdominal muscle, revealing their belly.





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