Love Recipe Taipei Meet the Fans Session Video Clips

The casts of Love Recipe drama held a meet the fans session at The Red House, Taipei, Taiwan on September 10th, 2011. All the main casts attended the event, including Wu Ying Jie (Gui Gui), Li Jia Ying, Kenji Wu, Rhydian Vaughan, Jack Lee, Xie Qi Wen and Wang Jia Liang. They brought along grapefruit and moon cake to celebrate Mid Autumn Festival with fans.

During the event, the casts played the “Cuisine Boxer” (料理神拳) game with fans, and received the well wishing “Rating Number 1” banner from the fans.

Videos of the Love Receipt Sept. 10 Taipei Promo Event:

Part 1 – Mascot dancing and Kenji Wu singing

Part 2 – Introduction of actors and actresses

Part 3 – Support from fans

Part 4 – Still photography

Part 5 – Still photography

Part 6 – Media interview

Part 7 – Photograph with fans

Part 8 – Briefing of game activity

Part 9 – Selecting fans

Part 10 – Activity with fans





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