Love Thy Neighbour

Love Thy Neighbour Actors and Actresses Cast Interviews

Several actors and actresses of Singapore TV drama series Love Thy Neighbour have been interviewed about their roles and opinions of their appearances in the drama. Most of the interview video clips also include behind-the-scene (BtS) footages of the drama.

Xia Yu thanks viewers and talks about the controversy surrounding the show, with extended cut of scenes from the drama.

Aileen Tan chats about her role as sexy lucy!

Lin Mei Jiao tells us more about her role as Huang Ling Po.

Brandon chats about his role and how he enjoys scolding Vivian Lai’s character in the show!

Ng Hui chats about her role as Angelina, the modern day career woman.

Cavin Soh chats about his character as a kleptomaniac in Love Thy Neighbour.

Vivian chats about how she prepared for her role as a hilarious girls from Chengdu, China.

Shaun Chen talks about his role as a martial arts expert.

Hong Kong veteran actor Ha Yu (Xia Yu) chats about enjoying his role as an old swindler.

Love Thy Neighbour Felicia Chin queues up for bubble tea too, the uniquely Singaporean-ness in her.

The funny Douglas Kung chats about his experience in Singapore and how he orders food in the kopitiam.

Douglas Kung chats heartedly about coming to Singapore as a new immigrant years ago.

Douglas Kung Ah Tak’s hilarious interview with Sora Ma.

Interview with Ha Yu and Felicia Chin at the ‘Love Thy Neighbour’ media conference, where Ha Yu does not believe that Felicia Chin has no boyfriend.

Ng Hui and Cavin Soh interview during the Love Thy Neighbour media conference, where Ng Hui jokingly accused Cavin Soh taking advantage of him during filming and Cavin told the similar look of her son in drama with him.

Felicia Chin is busking as a rocker at Orchard Road with Felicia Chin, Ha Yu and Shaun Chen behind the scene of filming for ‘Love Thy Neighbour’!

Ha Yu talks about his new role in upcoming drama ‘Love Thy Neighbour,” where Ha Yu has to risk his life being thrown from a HDB flat!

Shaun Chen sheds some pounds for his new role in upcoming drama ‘Love Thy Neighbour’ to get in shape to be a Wing Chun expert.

Felicia Chin is regarded as a younger sister by a 19 year old boy.





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