Love Thy Neighbour Episode 1 to 5 Synopsis Summary

Synopsis summary for Singapore Chinese drama Love Thy Neighbour, from episode 1 to episode 5:

Episode 1

In an HDB block, there is a hodge-podge of residents from different backgrounds and nationalities. Tian Hu and Da Fa are a father-daughter team of conmen. Ye Meng, who has just arrived from Malaysia, becomes their easy target. Guo Zhong is a disgruntled local forced to retire early after his job is replaced by new immigrants.

Episode 2

Realising he has been conned, Ye Meng confronts Da Fa and Tian Hu with a display of force. The duo hastily promise to repay the money. After Tian Hu encounters a pervert on the way home, Da Fa cons the neighbours to pool money for a CCTV. When they collect money from a neighbour Bai Zhan Ji, he says he is about to move away and refuses to pay.

Episode 3

Ye Meng decides to continue working in Singapore after realizing his family back home needs money. To save rent, he tries to stay with Da Fa but is chased away. When Da Fa is confronted by debtors, Ye Meng steps in help. Wanting him as a bodyguard, Da Fa lets him stay in his house.

Episode 4

De Liang & his wife Angelina move in with Guo Zhong. On the day of moving, they meet new immigrant Shan Shan. When Shan Shan squeezes into the lift, Guo Zhong and Angelina get angry and look down on her. Angelina then accidentally breaks the dishes Shan Shan brought from China, cementing the hostility between them.

Episode 5

Xian He brings his family to Sentosa and eat at a hawker centre. When Shan Shan sees a packet of tissue on the table, she is impressed at how considerate the government is for its people. She later gets into an argument with the owners of the tissue packet. Xian He apologises on her behalf, and explains to her the situation.

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