Love Thy Neighbour Episode 11 to 15 Synopsis Summary

Synopsis summary for Singapore Chinese drama Love Thy Neighbour, from episode 11 to episode 15:

Episode 11

Da Fa cons the sister of Hu Ge of $50,000 and is taken away by him. Tian Hu is forced to con Grandma Jin of her money, upsetting Ye Meng. He helps her to raise the money instead. Originally intending to release Da Fa after getting the money, Hu Ge is enraged when Ye Meng arrives with the police. Hu Ge injures Da Fa.

Episode 12

De Liang’s resignation is exposed, and he turns to stealing again to cope with the stress. Shan Shan steps in and holds his hand, but is seen by Angelina. To protect De Liang, Shan Shan lies that it was her who attempted to steal.

Episode 13

Da Fa is discharged from the hospital, but Lucy does not appear. Da Fa and Tian Hu eat at the coffeeshop, and sees Lucy flirting with Shen Jing Dao. Da Fa is jealous but is reminded by Tian Hu that Lucy is not his wife and that he has no right. Da Fa is guilty.

Episode 14

Shan Shan moves away, and Shen Jing Dao rents the room to Pei Jun. Guo Zhong and Huang Lian Po remain worried that Peijun will be living with two men. When they discover that Shen Jing Dao is fond of Peijun and intends to go after her, they warn him off.

Episode 15

The neighbours gossip about De Liang’s resignation and Tao Jie’s accusation. Huang Lian Po is furious, and questions her son. When he denies the accusation, Guo Zhong and Huang Lian Po confront Tao Jie to stop her from spreading the rumours.

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