The many variety of Lee Dong Wook’s is expected to shake women’s hearts.

The new KBS 2TV Wednesday and Thursday drama series Wild Romance published the stills of Lee Dong Wook who plays the leading role in the drama.

In the photos made public, the variety of expressions of Lee Dong Wook who plays the role of Park Moo Yul has made audience even more curious and and looking forward to the drama.

The photos include the unique charm of clear line of Lee Dong Wook’s side face under the thick eyebrows. And the variety of expressions show the manly beauty of Lee Dong Wook, including looking back with eyes wide open, pouting and joking, concentrating on thinking, and gently smiling, all of which integrates in the role of Park Moo Yul.

Lee Dong Wook

The skillful acting of Lee Dong Woo in portraying the charm for the role of Park Mu Yeol is stimulating the women’s heart and eye-catching.

Wild Romance debuts on January 4, 2012.