My Shining Girl OST Album

My Shining Girl (Glowing She) OST Album Released

The final edition of full complete version of OST album for KBS N Drama cable channel drama series My Shining Girl (Glowing She) is released on March 6th, 2012.

The My Shining Girl OST album has 16 tracks, of which 2 songs have previously released as individual part. In the full OST album, five new songs and two acoustic versions of songs are introduced, making up a full album of 16 tracks with seven more background musics.

My Shining Girl OST Album

Glowing She / My Shining Girl (자체발광 그녀) OST Album Track List

  1. Glowing She (자체발광) – After School’s Raina (애프터스쿨 레이나) featuring Manseong (만성)
  2. Sweet, Everyday (달콤, Everyday) – Kim Hyung Jun (김형준)
  3. Again (다시) – Kim Jung Hoon (김정훈)
  4. Girl (Spacecowboy ver.) – Kim Hyung Jun (김형준)
  5. Faraway – K2’s Kim Seong Myeong (김성면)
  6. The Night Cannot Sleep (잠 못 드는 밤) – Kim Hyung Jun (김형준) featuring Gil Mi (길미)
  7. Shining Star – Daeul (다을)
  8. Heaven (Acoustic ver.) – Kim Hyung Jun (김형준)
  9. Shining Star (Acoustic ver.) – Daeul (다을)
  10. Shinny herself
  11. Tear drops
  12. Bright Sky
  13. True Love
  14. Cuban Night
  15. Dancing In The Moonlight
  16. Glowing She (Instrument)

My Shining Girl or Glowing She OST album is available from early March 2012 in major music stores including YesAsia (aff).





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