Lee Dong Wook and Lee Si Young who want to end the client and bodyguard relationship as quickly as possible but is facing with major crisis again.

In second episode of Wild Romance broadcast on January 5th, 2012, the real stalker appears. The stalker shot horrible photos and sent threatening letter, although not direct harmful but the danger is starting.

Moo Yul and his teammates were admitted to the hospital because of emergence of acute abdominal pain symptom after drinking water with quality problem, while the real stalker was calling the baseball team’s publicity chief Kim Tae Han through phone.

The stalker said some people are really eyeing Park Moo Yul, so he really needs to have security protection, and this makes Moo Yul began to tense up.

The hilarious performance created by the fight in jest between two persons and funny acting and the debut of suspicious stalker are stimulating audience even more.

The numerous comical and humorous performance of actors have been earning favorable reception. Wild Romance is a romantic comedy, and the humorous scenes in it have gave a refreshing feeling to audience.

via Chosun