Tag: Hyun Woo Sung [현우성 / 玄宇成]

  • Yellow Boots

    Yellow Boots

    Drama Title: Yellow Boots Korean Title: 노란 복수초 Romanization: Nolan Bogsucho Chinese Name: 黄色复仇草 Japanese Name: 黄色い復讐草 Genre: Romance, Drama Episodes: Broadcast Place: South Korea Broadcast Network: tvN Broadcast Period: 27 February 2012 Language: Korean Air time: Monday to Thursday 10:00am Preceded By: Followed By: Plot Summary / Synopsis The drama tells the story of…

  • Heaven’s Garden

    Heaven’s Garden

    Drama Title: Heaven’s Garden Korean Title: 천상의 화원 곰배령 Romanization Pronunciation: Cheon-sang-eui Hwa-won Gom-bae-ryeong / Cheonsangui Hwawon Gombaelyeong Also Know As: Heaven’s Garden Gombaeryung Chinese Title: 天上花园 Japanese Name: 天上の花園熊背嶺 Genre: Family Episodes: 30 Broadcast Place: South Korea Broadcast network: Channel A Broadcast period: 3 December 2011 – 11 March 2012 Language: Korean Air time:…

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