Heaven's Garden

Heaven’s Garden

Heaven's Garden

Drama Title: Heaven’s Garden
Korean Title: 천상의 화원 곰배령
Romanization Pronunciation: Cheon-sang-eui Hwa-won Gom-bae-ryeong / Cheonsangui Hwawon Gombaelyeong
Also Know As: Heaven’s Garden Gombaeryung
Chinese Title: 天上花园
Japanese Name: 天上の花園熊背嶺
Genre: Family
Episodes: 30
Broadcast Place: South Korea
Broadcast network: Channel A
Broadcast period: 3 December 2011 – 11 March 2012
Language: Korean
Air time: Saturday and Sunday 7:50 PM

Preceded By: N/A
Followed By: Immortal Classic

Plot Summary / Synopsis

A drama that shines an optimistic light on resentment, pain and reconciliation within a family on a beautiful but isolated Gombaeryung Hill mountainside in Gangwon-do Province.

Jung Jae In and her husband separated after her husband’s business went bankrupt in Seoul. She has no other choices but to move back to her hometown in the countryside with her two daughters and ares for her stubborn father, lives with her father in nature, and understands each other.


Choi Bool Am (최불암) as Jung Boo Sik (정부식)
Yoo Ho Jung (유호정) as Jung Jae In (정재인)
Kim Ho Jin (김호진) as Kang Tae Sub (강태섭)
Kim Sae Ron (김새론) as Kang Eun Soo (강은수)
Ahn Seo Hyun (안서현) as Kang Hyun Soo (강현수)
Sa Kang (사강) as Ju Hong (주홍)
Hyun Woo Sung (현우성)
Lee Joo Shil (이주실)

Production Credits

Director: Lee Jong Han (이종한)
Screenwriter: Ko Eun Nim (고은님), Park Jeong Hwa (박정화)

Viewership Ratings

Episode 1 (3 December 2011): 0.721
Episode 2 (4 December 2011): 0.655
Episode 5 (17 December 2011): 1.028
Episode 6 (18 December 2011): 0.757
Episode 8 (25 December 2011): 1.048
Episode 11 (7 January 2012): 0.871
Episode 13 (14 January 2012): 0.900
Episode 19 (4 February 2012): 1.026
Episode 24 (19 February 2012): 1.338
Episode 27 (3 March 2012): 0.798

Source: AGB Nielson


  • The complete drama title should be “Heaven’s Garden Gombaeryung.”
  • A special drama to promote the tourist destination in the host of 2010 Winter Olympic Games that is in Pyeongchang, Gangwon province, South Korea.

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Heaven’s Garden OST Part 1 – Let Me Leave

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