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  • Kampong Ties Actors and Actresses Interview Videos

    Kampong Ties Actors and Actresses Interview Videos

    The interview clips with the casts of Kampong Ties drama series: Zheng Ge Ping shares his greatest fear while filming Kampong Ties. Resident hunk Shaun Chen tells his interesting scene with Yvonne Lim while filming Kampong Ties. Ng Hui shares her creepiest experience while filming Kampong Ties. Ann Kok shares interesting happenings while filming Kampong…

  • Kampong Ties Cast Characters Description

    Kampong Ties Cast Characters Description

    The introduction and description of characters and roles in Kampong Ties Singapore / Malaysia drama series: Feng Yue Man (冯月满) – played by Ann Kok (郭舒贤) Housewife and helps father-in-law to look after the grocery store, help people to keep twelve earthly branches, suspend from school due to poverty, after married she stays at home…

  • Kampong Ties Drama Trailers

    Kampong Ties Drama Trailers

    The teaser trailers and preview trailers for Kampong Ties: Kampong Ties preview trailer of ntv7. Kampong Ties trailer featuring stellar casts. Kampong Ties trailer featuring sworn sisters. Kampong Ties trailer featuring relationships. Kampong Ties trailer featuring scenic location. Kampong Ties 3-minute showreel long preview trailer. Opening scene of Kampong Ties with opening theme song, provided…

  • Kampong Ties

    Kampong Ties

    Drama Title: Kampong Ties Chinese Name: 甘榜情 Genre: Drama Episodes: 30 Broadcast Place: Singapore / Malaysia Broadcast Network: Singapore Channel 8 / Malaysia ntv7 Broadcast Period: October 24, 2011 (Channel 8) / September 27, 2011 (ntv7) Air Time: Monday – Friday 19:00 – 20:00 (Channel 8) / Monday – Thursday 22:00 – 23:00 (ntv7) Language:…

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