Ann Kok

Kampong Ties Cast Characters Description

The introduction and description of characters and roles in Kampong Ties Singapore / Malaysia drama series:

Feng Yue Man (冯月满) – played by Ann Kok (郭舒贤)

Ann Kok

Housewife and helps father-in-law to look after the grocery store, help people to keep twelve earthly branches, suspend from school due to poverty, after married she stays at home as wife and teaches children, life is dull. Is kind, can bear hardships and stand hard work, and has strong vitality, indomitable when facing with hardship.

Her marriage is not ideal because her husband is addicted to gambling, and also she gave birth to a mute baby girl. Her pressure on living is enormous, always being looked down upon, but can live on with shame for the pair of daughters, looking forward for the future.

Lin Shui Xian (林水仙) – played by Yvonne Lim (林湘萍)

Yvonne Lim

Originally was a garment worker, later married. Living out and down, change to sell noodle. Originally was foster-daughter of her foster-mother, but was later sold by her foster-mother to marry into Wang family, became the wife of Wang Li Hai.

Lively, active, decisive, bold in action, very sharp mouth, dare to talk back. Never bow to difficulties, and value highly of bosom friendship with Yue Man.

Zeng You Bao (曾友宝) – played by Zheng Geping (郑各评)

Zheng Geping

Member of black society, repent in later stage. Originally is also a poor kid originating from village, parents passed away when he was young, and go astray because of no parentage guidance. Others give him nickname “Buaya” because firstly his talking is very exaggerated, and secondly, as his family was poor when he was small and can’t afford a pair of proper shoe, so he always wore a same broken shoe, which looks like the opening and closing of mouth of crocodile when walking.

Cheerful, likes to joke, cynical, chic uninhibited, very chivalrous spirit.

Wang Li Hai (王立海) – played by Shaun Chen (陈泓宇)

Shaun Chen

Husband of Lin Shui Xian, selfish, sneaky, and does not respect wife, is the type of child spoiled by parents. Is also former STD patient, and been tortured by it, regretted his promiscuity, but infects Shui Xian when the disease recurred, causing wide harm.

Han Xiu Yuan (韩秀圆) – played by Ng Hui (黄慧)

Ng Hui

Super-evil tailor, regards herself too highly, always look down at Shui Xian, Yue Man and other common village girls thinking she has high education. Eventually she can’t help but fall in love with You Bao. For love, she is not hesitated to frame Shui Xian and Yue Man, inner heart is gloomy.





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  2. jenifre Avatar

    been in singapore short time, had enjoyed and love the first few episodes. brought back lots of memories of my young days.Love the series. Now tried to watch it on PC.

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    I ALWAYS TRY TO FIND EPS LIKE ep8 cannot find

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    cannot find someone pls upload

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