Tag: Kim So Eun (1989) [김소은 / 金昭誾]

  • Kim So Eun & KangTa Date at Nursery

    Kim So Eun & KangTa Date at Nursery

    The recently premiered new JTBC drama “Happy Ending” published the behind the scene photos of two lead actors, KangTa and Kim So Eun playing the children. In the photos, the two persons who held the hands of kid were as sweet as lover, and netizens have been praising them as perfect match. “Happy Ending” recently…

  • Happy Ending

    Happy Ending

    Drama Title: Happy Ending Korean Title: 해피엔딩 Romanization Pronunciation: Haepi Ending Chinese Name: 美丽结局 / 大团圆 Japanese Name: ハッピーエンド Genre: Family Episodes: Broadcast Place: South Korea Broadcast network: JTBC Broadcast period: 23 April 2012 Language: Korean Air time: Monday and Tuesday 8:45 PM Preceded By: Syndrome Followed By: Plot Summary / Synopsis “Happy Ending” is…

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