Tag: Sung Byung Sook [성병숙 / 成秉淑]

  • Hanbando / Korean Peninsula

    Hanbando / Korean Peninsula

    Drama Title: Hanbando Korean Title: 한반도 Romanization: Hanbando Also Known As: The Korean Peninsula / Korean Peninsula Chinese Name: 韓半島 Japanese Name: 韓半島 Genre: Action, War, Romance Episodes: 18 Broadcast Place: South Korea Broadcast Network: TV Chosun (CSTV) Broadcast Period: 6 February 2012 – 3 April 2012 Language: Korean Air time: Monday and Tuesday 8:50…

  • Sorry I’m Late

    Sorry I’m Late

    Drama Title: Sorry I’m Late Korean Title: 늦어서 미안해 Revised Romanization: neuj-eoseo mianhae Chinese Name: 对不起,我来晚了 Genre: Drama Language: Korean Episodes: 1 Broadcast Place: South Korea Broadcast Network: KBS2 Broadcast Period: 20 November 2011 Air Time: Sunday 11:25 PM Preceded by: Duet Followed by: My Wife Disappeared Plot Summary / Synopsis Yeong-hwan lives a long…

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