The idol drama Office Girls is fighting for ratings, and the main leading casts in the drama Roy Chiu, Alice Ke Jia Yang and others appeared on the SETTV’ Gang of Guo Guang Help (Guo Guang Bang Bang Mang) to promote the show. Alice Ke Jia Yan who earns the nickname of “Save Xing Ren” (means frugal Xing Ren where it’s different words of same sound in Chinese) is also a frugal person in real life. She was highly praised by the host Sun Peng, and he even jokingly said, “My son is almost 18 years, please wait for him for a while,” wants her to be his daughter-in-law on the spot.

The son of Sun Peng, Sun Wa is 11 years old. Alice Ke Jia Yan is 15 years older than him, and another host Tuo Zong Kang was complaining of injustice for Sun Wa, “Why let him marry an aunt?” Let Ke Jia Yan felt funny yet annoying. Before entering entertainment industry, Ke Jia Yan works in kindergarten, and used to experience the worrisome days which depended solely on savings to survive. The most expensive thing she ever bought is a SLR camera costs NT$25,000, and the rest is large home appliances bought for family.

Guo Shu-Yao is also a part of thrifty family. The most extravagant purchase for herself is the skin care products or cosmetics, and she seldom buys luxury items. Her greatest desire is to help his mother to open a shop, but recently at her house located on the hillside emerged a snake, it’s glued to the rat sticky board when found, terrified Yao Yao. So Guo Shu Yao decided to first save the money to change the house. Tuo Zong Kang jokingly suggested, “You should first buy lime powder, else if the house full of snake then it’s no good!”

via UDN