The increasingly popular Taiwanese drama Office Girls have managed to increase its viewership rating again on the fifth episode aired on September 18th, 2011, which raised from 3.72 of episode 4 to 4.16 of episode 5.

To celebrate the popularity, Alice Ke Jia Yan and Wen Sheng Hao is having a celebration press conference, where the crews prepared 4 bottles of wine for her to “replace” the wines that she broke in the drama, and also to signify the rating that surpassed 4. At the end, additional 2 bottles are added

Previously, Roy Chiu promised that if the rating goes past 5 he will wear the dinosaur costume to drive kart, and Ke Jia Yan does not fall behind, said: “If rating breaks 6 I will show abdominal muscles to show sincerity!” But everyone is worried that is it possible the slim Ke Jia Yan is going to train and have the abdominal muscle? Wen Sheng Hao immediately said, “I will accompany her to show, I already have six muscles!”

The supporting actor in the drama Wen Sheng Hao does not have much scenes in recent two episodes, and a lot of fans have been asking when he will return? He explained that initially he was to return in episode 5, but was delay because the drama needs more time to lay out the interactive feelings between Roy Chiu and Alice Ke. He promised, “Next I will show up my power to rescue Ke Jia Yan.”

Alice Ke also revealed that the scene where Roy Chiu was wearing dinosaur costume to try to retain her has the rating surged to over 5, and that the scene actually had two version, where in another scene, both of them cries. The in the end the scene that was aired is the version that Roy Chiu does not shed tears, and writing team feels that if both of them cry, and next they fall in love, it’s too fast. She said, “I also hope Xing Ren and Zi Qi can come slowly, and fall in love supposed to be wonderful from the start.”

Episode 5 of Office Girls has the average ratings of 4.16, of which the rating for category of 35 to 44 years old is 5.77, category of 35 – 44 years old female is 7.69, and category of working females is 6.05, all is a new high for the TV series.

In addition of celebration, the Office Girls is also selling dinosaur dolls as part of charity drive, which is based on the dinosaur costume wore by Alice Ke and Roy Chiu in the drama.

Watch the video recording of the interview with Alice Ke Jia Yan and Wen Sheng Hao:

And another video celebrating the Office Girls as first in ratings ranking: