Synopsis and plot summary for episode 1 of Office Girls:

Episode Title

I have earned 1 million! (我赚到100万啦!)


Shen Xing Ren, a specialist in sales department of Jing Shi Departmental Store, works for four years. Xin Ren has a stable job, a little savings, a rented apartment, a roommate living together, although life has no problem, but also cannot afford luxury. In the workplace, girls like Xin Ren, we call it “Xiaozhi Girl” (Lower middle class girl).

Today is highly anticipated by Xing Ren, because, she has earned the first million in her life! Actually, Xing Ren has a little heart desire, that is to save enough money, and bring her mother n Three Gorges to Taipei to live. So she works hard so that she can realize the aim to buy a house earlier.

Qin Ziqi is the successor of the Jing Shi Departmental Store. He initially thought upon returning to Taiwan after completion of his study, his father Qin Mu Bai will handover the management of Jing Shi Departmental Store to him. Surprisingly Mu Bai tells his son that in order to take over the company, he has to work as junior level staff for one year instead. And must comply to the five requirements: “No exposure of identity, no demerit point or been expelled, cannot use family money, performance grading cannot lower than excellent, cannot reveal the agreement!” If he breaches any term, he has to prepare to find another job.

Shen Xing Ren and Qin Zi Qi leaves each other bad impression on their first meeting. Unfortunately, fate arranges them to be colleague. And the quarrelsome pair priority task is to convince the most popular designer in Asia – Yu Cheng Feng to set up a counter in Jing Shi Departmental Store!

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