Office Girls Episode 10 Synopsis Summary (with Preview Videos)

Synopsis and plot summary for episode 10 of Office Girls:

Episode Title

Lots of feeling, lots of hate, the world of lust (多情多恨 情欲的世界)


The seed of love between the Zi Qi of Sheng’s mother house and Xing Ren is gradually sprouting.

Cheng Feng calls a press conference to clarify about the scandal of been candidly photographed, and his official girlfriend Wei Min Na suddenly appears at the venue, triggering the change of dynamic to the four-corner love relationship.

It’s important to choose a right time for confession. The truth the blurted out from Zi Qi, caused air between Zi Qi and Xing Ren condensed instantly, where Xing Ren will need to catch the profound theory in the words of Zi Qi.

The tart and mean Shi Te Long finally has a moment of shy that caused him blushed.

Zi Qi is fainted after electrical shock when helping to repair the electric box. When he wakes up, he sees the intimate contact of Xing Ren and Cheng Feng, and Zi Qi who initially decided to confess his feeling to Xing Ren is shocked.

The onlookers see most clearly. Words of Cheng Feng awakes dreamer Xing Ren about feeling of Zi Qi, and they’re about to take the first step toward to love.

Office Girls Episode 10 Preview Trailers

I think I have loved you.

Look! This is so called hot girl.

Episode 10 preview shown at the end of episode 9.

Office Girls Episode 10 Photo Gallery






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