Office Girls Episode 11 Synopsis Summary (with Preview Trailers)

Synopsis and plot summary for episode 11 of Office Girls:

Episode Title

You’re mind, then who I belong to? (你是我的 那我是誰的?)


What kind of confession can touch and excite a person?! An expression in the eyes? A kiss? Or a sentence?

Xing Ren is helping the injured Zi Qi to apply medication. The close contact between them has stimulated them and aroused the long depressed feeling of Zi Qi. Zi Qi cannot controls his feeling and lightly kiss on the cheek of Xing Ren as a way of confession to Xing Ren.

A kiss between Shi Te Long and Le Le has moved the heart of Shi Te Long who looks strong on the outside but soft in the heart, but Le Le only has hatred and disgust towards Shi Te Long. And Shi Te Long is doing hilarious things to win the heart of Le Le.

Zi Qi puts his promise inside the doll house to give to Xing Ren, Xing Ren is happy and touched. Xing Ren’s mother suddenly makes a surprise visit, wants to inspect the result of love between Zi Qi and Xing Ren. Coincidentally Kai Er comes to look for Zi Qi, giving him toilet paper and microwave, and Zi Qi has to refuse Kai Er’s expectations.

The mood of Xing Ren is like taking a roller coaster ride, Zi Qi is going to use his sincere heart and care to let them back to the sweetest moment.

Office Girls Episode 11 Preview Trailers

Actually I love Sheng Xing Ren

Something happened everything met you

Episode 11 preview shown at the end of episode 10.

Office Girls Episode 11 Photo Gallery






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