Office Girls Episode 12 Synopsis Summary (with Preview Videos)

Synopsis and plot summary for episode 12 of Office Girls:

Episode Title

Don’t Let True Love Becomes a Regret (不要讓真愛變成遺憾)


Will misunderstanding of Xing Ren towards Zi Qi due to Kae Er be dispelled? Can Sheng Xing Ren’s mother rest assured of letting Zi Qi taking care of Xing Ren?!

The mother Sheng Xing Ren continue to be the competent matchmaker to promote the relationship between Sheng Xing Ren and Qin Zi Qi, and let them sweetly go on “romantic half-day tour of Danshuei,” to further their close feelings to each other under such atmosphere.

Facing with ordeal after order on her works, Wei Min Na is giving up on her counter for PB, but she entrusts the heavy responsibility of design to Xing Ren. In order to get the counter of same brand with Yu Cheng Feng, Xing Ren has to bite the bullet and takes over this hot potato as the layman who needs to design a counter that satisfies Wei Min Na.

Shi Te Long takes advantage of office works for personal purposes, gives the trial product to Le Le. Although Le Le feels dissatisfied but still acceptable, given the opportunity to Shi Te Long to further close to her and a chance to capture her hearts and minds.

Zi Qi and Xin Ren are staying up all night long to look for information required to design the counter. Both of them alone at the dead of the night, withstand the impulse of love.

Office Girls Episode 12 Preview Trailers

Forehead is the best of the thermometer

Sex maniac! Beware!

Episode 12 preview shown at the end of episode 11.

Office Girls Episode 12 Photo Gallery






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