Synopsis and plot summary for episode 13 of Office Girls:

Episode Title

How to Add Slight Happiness into Love (怎麽在爱里微加幸福)


The seed of love that is increasingly warming is brewing between Zi Qi and Xing Ren, but unfortunately, it’s caught between Cheng Feng and Min Na, both of them can only stroll on the expectation to love. Zi Qi has to figure out romantic dating trip to narrow the distance of love.

Shi Te Long who disregards of his life actually finds Zi Qi to be his lover adviser, and even naively accepts all the advices. The quiet night was broken by broken gong voice of Shi Te Long, as Le Le is using trick to deal with tough Shi Te Long.

Cheng Feng and Min Na who are at a time together at another time split, cannot solve the bottleneck that both of them has been opposing to each other. Min Na uses her trump card, demanding a high price of wanting Xing Ren to return to France with her to be her assistant. Xing Ren faces with a difficult choice.

Zi Qi accidentally gets to know Xing Ren wants to go to France. He angrily has an argument with Xing Ren, and Xing Ren is very sad for Zi Qi who is not understanding, and Zi Qi is also regretted his unwise action.

Office Girls Episode 13 Preview Trailers

I want you to follow me to Paris

Can you stay? Please don’t go

I think manager Shi is really loving you

Episode 13 preview shown at the end of episode 12.

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