Synopsis and plot summary for episode 14 of Office Girls:

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Shen Xing Ren, congratulation you win the first prize. (沈杏仁 恭喜妳中頭獎)


Min Na impatiently urges Xing Ren to make a decision, Xing Ren who has something to worry about can only look at each other with in speechless despair. Luckily Min Na understands that Xing Ren is in quandary, and proposes a compromised solution to help Xing Ren solves the problem.

Kae Er returns to Jing Shi Department Store after on leave, and requests Zi Qi to help her to ask whereabout of the USB stick. Chairman and the vice president Feng are shocked after looking at the content of the USB flash drive, causing to face with possible major personnel shuffling.

Facing with Xing Ren who may leave soon, Zi Qi is dismay in every possible way, Zi Qi who always been childish finally transformed, determined to support the decision of Xing Ren, and plans to confess his true heart with sweet tricks to nourish their love.

Will the confession of Zi Qi affect the final decision of Xing Ren? The love of Zi Qi and Xing Ren will leap forward greatly.

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Sheng Xing Ren I love you.

I hope we can be friends.

Episode 14 preview shown at the end of episode 13.

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