Synopsis and plot summary for episode 15 of Office Girls:

Episode Title

Male bath, Female bath (男湯 女湯)


The sweet honey duo – Zi Qi and Xing Ren, for the first time happily dating after their relationship is upgraded, even Le Le is reluctant to spoil the event. Kai Er generously expresses in front of Zi Qi that she wants to be good friend with Xing Ren, is this the true heart of conspiracy of Kai Er?

The contributions have taken away by sales department one after another, vice president of business investment department Hu Jian Zhong is blaming the inefficiency of Kai Er, and takes the advantage to make unreasonable demand, how will Kai Er reject? The yet to be exploded bomb USB flash drive is about to detonate, who is going to be out of luck?

Facing with the fact with Xing Ren is going to New York, although Zi Qi although reluctant, but he still carefully reminds Xing Ren on New York’s must-visit attractions. Xing Ren finds it strange about Zi Qi’s education and experience, will Zi Qi says out his secret? The open romance and love affair of Zi Qi and Xing Ren flashes Shi Te Long, Shi Te Long who is not managed to woo Le Le has no choice but to beg them, to help him to date Le Le for a trip together. A carefully arranged and warm bathing trip is going to stage.

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They are very good very happy.

No need to worry, I am here.

Celebration advert with short preview of the drama where Office Girls managed to crown champion in ratings for 11 weeks continuously.

Episode 15 preview shown at the end of episode 14.

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