Synopsis and plot summary for episode 16 of Office Girls:

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Is jealous reflects true love? Xing Ren who looked doesn’t care, still felt intense jealousy when seeing Zi Qi talking with beautiful girl. As such aster the red wine incident, Xing Ren is making mistake for the second time.

Get together again is a difficult task, in order for Cheng Feng and Min Na to reconcile and together again, Zi Qi orchestrates a clever hoax, and even involves Xing Ren into the kind lie.

In order to make Le Le jealous, Shi Te Long listened to the bad idea of Zi Qi again, so he gets a heavy blow with fish, causing wound to the face, and Le Le really has some response.

Only Kai Er knows about the big secret of Zi Qi, which is a trump card. The concealment of Zi Qi to Xing Ren, let the lie rolls bigger like a snowball. Xing Ren who seemingly happy, may just get checkmated by Kai Er, and the sweet love is cracking with impending crisis.

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Say thank you and get over it.

I won’t forgive you.

Episode 16 preview shown at the end of episode 15.

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