Office Girls Episode 17 Synopsis Summary (Preview Trailers)

Synopsis and plot summary for episode 17 of Office Girls:

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Zi Qi is doing, while chairman is watching! What’s been done by Zi Qi has let him been promoted, pay raise and received merit point. Xing Ren makes an exception by saying that she wants to bring Zi Qi to a top class scenic restaurant. Is this for real?

Chairman is surprise when knowing Zi Qi is in romantic relationship, and wants Xing Ren to see him alone. Is this summon a blessing or a curse for Xing Ren?

Kai Er suddenly calls to request for business planning information, deliberately create opportunity for two persons to be together alone. Xing Ren selflessly wants Zi Qi to return to company to help, but what is the conspiracy of Kai Er this round?

Xing Ren is about to leave for New York together with Cheng Feng and Wei Min Na, but Sheng’s mother suddenly faints and falls to the ground, what illness Sheng’s mother is suffering from?

The dream is front of the eyes is about to break, how is Zi Qi going to accompany Xing Ren to walk out of layers of hazy rainy season?

Office Girls Episode 17 Preview Trailers

Chairman wants to find her.

Sheng’s mother fainted.

Episode 17 preview shown at the end of episode 16.

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