Synopsis and plot summary for episode 2 of Office Girls:

Episode Title

Climb up step by step (一步一步往上爬)


Master Cheng Feng agrees to meet Xing Ren and Zi Qi? The great news lit the glimmer of hope in the heart of Xing Ren, but Cheng Feng bluntly says that he does not intend to set up a kiosk in department store. Although frustrated, Xing Ren decides to redouble efforts, continue to challenge the impossible task.

As the saying goes the enemies are always on a narrow road, Zi Qi is stopped by courier girl in front of his home, begging him to collect the parcel on behalf of upstairs neighbor. Zi Qi just get to know that it’s Xing Ren who stays upstairs.

More bad thing is, the skin care product parcel accepted on behalf by Zi Qi turns out to be full of empty bottles! Xing Ren refuses to pay as Zi Qi didn’t check before accepting the parcel. Zi Qi feels he may in the wrong, has to resign himself to bad luck and spend money to avoid disaster.

Already spent the whole month salary after working for a few days, Xing Ren looks at the Qi Zi who has to bargain for rice discount, can’t help but feel a little guilt. Dictated by compassion, Xing Ren who is always been cheap decides to prepare food for Zi Qi, for a small fee in credit.

On the other hand, Kai Er feels unusual about identify of Zi Qi, and she invites Zi Qi for dinner with the excuse of meeting with manufacturers, to discover the truth from Zi Qi. Zi Qi unknowingly let Kai Er knows his true identify to be son of Chairman.

The most surprising is that the Cheng Feng turns up at the Jing Shi Departmental Store, and in front of everybody want to look for Xing Ren. If there is a will there is always a mean, the day of lower middle class girl has finally arrived.

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