Office Girls Episode 3 Synopsis Summary (with Preview Videos)

Synopsis and plot summary for episode 3 of Office Girls:

Episode Title

Famous invites jealousy, be careful of hidden attack! (人红抬忌,小心暗器!)


The arrival of Cheng Feng brewed a firestorm at the workplace of Jing Shi Departmental Store. Cheng Feng promises Xing Ren that if he would open a kiosk, Jing Shi Department Store will be the first choice. Xing Ren is happy but Zi Qi sarcastically tells the fact that no kiosk is opened yet, pouring cold water on Xing Ren.

The vice president of investment department Hu Jian Zhong who lost face puts pressure on Kai Er. Kai Er has to bite the bullet and face the pressure from two departments alone. At night, Kai Er is thinking of a way to response to the challenge tomorrow. She writes an anonymous posting to blackmail Xing Ren that she is courting Cheng Feng by sleeping with him.

On the one hand is good news while on the other hand is bad news. Xing Ren who is promoted wants to promote the harmony among colleagues, and invites everybody for a BBQ party. But for her dream house, she has lived a frugal life for the past 4 years. She is in dilemma on the cost of living and the quality of food.

Zi Qi accepted the invitation of Kai Er for a movie, but because he has no money, he has use ingenuity to carefully and creatively decorate the star cinema of which is the perfect date he originally wanted. But when he thought of Xing Ren who is preparing to barbecue at home, he feels very guilty. He eventually asks Kai Er to go for BBQ with Xing Ren together.

Zi Qi knows from Le Le about the dream house of Xing Ren, and feels sorry for his past actions. He hopes to make up for his mistake by helping Xing Ren.

As such, Xing Ren’s dream house is about to show up dazzlingly.

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