Synopsis and plot summary for episode 4 of Office Girls:

Episode Title

Lord, where exactly are you (上帝啊,你到底在哪里啊)


The wine is sweet and intoxicating, but it breaks Xing Ren’s dream.

The dream of owning a house is just a step away, but the unlucky stumbling blocks keep happening continuously. For his own benefit, The vice president of business investment department Hu Jian Zhong insists of wanting the sales department to sell inferior moon cakes without regarding that quality of company’s Mid Autumn products. To increase sales, Shi Te Long wants Xing Ren to borrow expansive red wine from collectors, to be used as the prop. But the wine accidentally fell and broke.

The sudden accident throws Xing Ren from heaven to hell. In order to help Xing Ren survives, the bizarre Le Le comes out with a clever trick.

To help Xing Ren, Zi Qi shoulders all the responsibility when facing the provocation and blames from investment department. But on the other hand, he listens to the complaint of unfair treatment by Kai Er, causing him to fall into odd dilemma. To make the dilemma worse, Zi Qi is frozen by Shi Te Long.

Xing Ren who is falling into low ebb is depressed, and is discovered by Zi Qi. Zi Qi questions Xing Ren about the reason repetitively, but Xin Ren refuses to tell him the reason. At the same time, Zi Qi in inadvertently reveals the caring love towards Xing Ren.

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