Office Girls Episode 5 Synopsis Summary (with Preview Videos)

Synopsis and plot summary for episode 5 of Office Girls:

Episode Title

I promise you, I’ll eat cauliflower! (我答应你,我以后会吃花椰菜!)


In fairy tale, price will always be there just in time to save the princess. Although Xing Ren is not a princess, but careless movement of Zi Qi’s hand, accidentally causing him to help shouldered all responsibility of broke the red wine from Xing Ren.

However, the penniless Zi Qi is not even able to protect himself, so how can him afford the expensive compensation cost of red wines. The comradeship of Zi Qi who insists on bearing the responsibility touches Xing Ren. However, Xing Ren is struggling between conscience and dream as she hides the secret of fake wines in the heart.

Having worked hard for four years at Jing Shi department store, but because of unintentional accidents, all effects of Xing Ren is reverted to original starting point. In order to retain Xing Ren, Zi Qi is persuading Xing Ren in dinosaur mascot, which he promised he would do if he lost the bet of Xing Ren be his boss previously.

The warm home is always the shelter of refuge for workers traveling outside. Xing Ren who needs to cold down returns to hometown at Three Gorges, returning to the happy embrace of her mother. And Zi Qi is doing everything possible to get the address of Xing Ren’s hometown, and unexpectedly visit and turn up at her home.

Is it a blessing or a curse? Can’t escape a curse not escape! After a series of misfortune, Zi Qi will accompany the depressed Xing Ren to pass the low ebb and wait for turning point.

Office Girls Episode 5 Preview Trailers

Episode 5 preview shown at the end of episode 4

Shared responsibility

Resigning and Retaining

Office Girls Ep. 5 Photo Gallery for Recap






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