Office Girls Episode 6 Synopsis Summary (with Preview Videos)

Synopsis and plot summary for episode 6 of Office Girls:

Episode Title

I borrow you the shoulder to lean against! (我的肩膀借妳靠啦!)


Zi Qi sells his branded watch for Xing Ren, and brings the check to Xing Ren’s hometown. Xing Ren’s mother Zhang Shu Fang rarely sees any male friend visit Xing Ren, and hospitable asks Zi Qi to stay for dinner, and chats in kindred spirit with him. At Xing Ren’s hometown, Zi Qi feels the “warmth of home” that he never had before.

When losing it then will only know the important of existence. Shi Te Long who is without Xing Ren is similar to losing of left and right hand. Although he wrote on resignation letter of Xing Ren to persuade her to stay, but on the notice board of company still announces the personnel order that the resignation of Xing Ren has been approved. It appears that Kai Er has added a “no” in front of Shi Te Long’s written, so that it reads like “not to retain”.

On the night of typhoon, there is strong wind and heavy rainfall. Seeing the Shen’s mother who is still optimistic staying in an old house that is leaking water, Zi Qi eventually understands the desire of Xing Ren towards her dream house. The roof breaks a big hole, Zi Qi climbs to the roof top to repair the leak without regarding his life, but accidentally falls down and injures. Xing Ren has no choice but to let Zi Qi overnights at her house, and the two is going to develop some friendly sentiments.

Yu Cheng Feng returns from France. He comes to Jing Shi Department Store as per appointment, and wants to discuss with Xing Ren the matter to set up a kiosk, and the future life of Xing Ren is going to be changed over.

Office Girls Episode 6 Preview Trailers

Episode 6 preview shown at the end of episode 5

Why want to chase Xing Ren away?

Since when you becomes “Qi Zi of Xing Ren’s mother home?”

Office Girls Ep. 6 Recap Photo Gallery






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