Office Girls Episode 7 Synopsis Summary (with Preview Trailers)

Synopsis and plot summary for episode 7 of Office Girls:

Episode Title

I like Qin Zi Qi? (我喜欢秦子奇?)


The wager for bet between Zi Qi and Xing Ren will ignite the splendid fireworks of sublimation of feeling.

Cheng Feng who returned from France gives up the same brand name of high-class couture, and hopes to enter and set up station at Jing Shi Department Store with affordable chic fashion. But the proposal is encountering voices of rejection at executive level of the company, causing Xing Ren to face difficulty to win over Yu Cheng Feng to set up kiosk. Xing Ren who returns to Jing Shi Department Store has to resolve the difficulties step by step.

Hero is always defeated by woman, Kai Er is scheming and takes opportunity to ask Zi Qi to pass a flash drive with secret information to Chairman. Kai Er is step by step closer to Zi Qi who is unsuspecting so that he will fall into her gentle trap.

The relationship between Xing Ren and Cheng Feng is getting more intimate due to cooperation of kiosk set up. After a date with Kai Er, Zi Qi is not too happy looking at the Xing Ren and Cheng Feng who walking towards him. Zi Qi gets jealous is fighting with Cheng Fen who steps forward to protect and escort Xing Ren, and the war of two men begins.

Office Girls Episode 7 Preview Trailers

Episode 7 preview shown at the end of episode 6.

Zi Qi gets jealous.

Xing Ren gets jealous.

Office Girls Ep. 7 Recap Photo Gallery






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