Office Girls Episode 8 Synopsis Summary (with Preview Videos)

Synopsis and plot summary for episode 8 of Office Girls:

Episode Title

Kneel, apologize, sorry (跪下 道歉 对不起)


In order to submit the proposal for setting up kiosk for PB brand, Xing Ren ignores workplace ethnics, obstinately home to Chairman’s home to fight for master to set up counter. Xing Ren is using her passion and loyalty to the company to move the stubbron chairman.

Everything that was done by Xing Ren for Cheng Fen has made Zi Qi felt unhappy, but Zi Qi understand the sacrifice made by Xing Ren for Jing Shi company. And thus he has also changed and devoted by speaking up for Xing Ren boldly.

Kai Er who has an aim notices the change of Zi Qi, and starts a series of offensives by carefully setting up honey trap to seduce Zi Qi.

Cheng Feng comes forward to solve the incident of protest by other manufacturers over the counter issue, and causes Xing Ren to have a even deeper appreciation. The mind of worship, may turn into love between man and woman with the care of Cheng Feng.

Under the order of chairman, a marketing group is been set up. The relationship between the four persons of Zi Qi, Xing Ren, Cheng Feng, and Kai Er become even more involved, let the Jing Shi Department Store head to an unknown future.

Office Girls Episode 8 Preview Trailers

Episode 8 preview shown at the end of episode 7.

Office Girls Episode 8 Photo Gallery






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