Office Girls Episode 9 Synopsis Summary (with Preview Videos)

Synopsis and plot summary for episode 9 of Office Girls:

Episode Title

I love Sheng Xing Ren! (我喜欢沈杏仁!)


Cheng Feng is giving a new task to the special marketing project team, causing all team members want to show their skills to achieve good performance. As usual, Shi Te Long passes the thankless job to Xing Ren, while Zi Qi who is same group with Kai Er is frequently showing the caring look to Xing Ren.

Xing Ren agrees with invitation of Cheng Feng, and the two goes out to relax and talk, but expectedly they become the headline of entertainment news. Seeing the rumor of Xing Ren and Cheng Feng, Zi Qi wants to asks clearly, but is interrupted by an unexpected phone call, Zi Qi hurriedly left to discover a secret.

Zi Qi is back and forth on the two sides of scale, one is Kai Er whom he took the initiative to pursue initially, another is kind and innocent Xing Ren. Zi Qi gradually discovers that the weight of Xing Ren is getting increasingly heavy in his heart but the misunderstanding of Xing Ren towards him is like a snowball, getting bigger and bigger on rolling, and he wants to seek her forgiveness.

The Zi Qi and Xing Ren of Shen mother family, step towards the test of happiness step by step.

Office Girls Episode 9 Preview Trailers

Episode 9 preview shown at the end of episode 8.

Office Girls Episode 9 Photo Gallery






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